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Customer Excellence • Complete Service

STON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Is an authority with own own-label products in Automation and Control engineering as well as in development and manufacturing. STON has devoted themselves to the research, development, as well as marketing and service for a large range of products including: timers, motor controllers, counters, phase reversal relays, floatless relays, temperature controllers, relay and solid state relays etc.

Based on the principle of ‘The customer is always right, STON provides the best customer service with the strong R&D team. We provide the best equipments with top of the line integrated equipments. STON’S customer can order controllers by many different ways to fit their professional needs. The integrated set of manufacturing processes of line design, products manufacturing, and assembling testing reduces cost and saves time. STON is committed to continuously perusing the newest technology and breakthroughs in order to reduce the manufacturing cost and be more environmently friendly.

Our commitment is to satisfy our customers with manufacturing exactly what they want. We continue to cooperate with THE Gov.'s promotion of domestic enterprises. They encourage the development of new tech. and new products as to the general growth of companies.

This collaboration helps enhance the products value as well insure business continuity.

History of company

  • 2009

    Fujitsu China Motor set up branch offices in Shenzhen, the mainland market to expand.

  • 2006

    Worked together with Shihlin Electric as partnership on the marketing.


    The second plant in San Chong Taipei was founded to fast the production and added the variety. At the same time, STON tried to make all the process meet the all the requirements of ISO-9001.


    Established the fifth office in Shanghai in China for China market.

  • 2002

    STON established the forth office in Xia Men in China and produced limit switch.


    STON established the third office in Dong Guan in China to expand the China market.


    By this time, STON produced over 200,000 units of Timers annually.

  • 1999

    Another office was founded in Kaoshiung for the market of south Taiwan.


    STON expanded its business and production by moving to YingYi industry building as the first plant in San Chong , Taipei. All production lines were automated. OEM the Japanese first class product.


    STON expanded the market to central Taiwan and set up a office in Taichung.

  • 1996

    STON exported products to Italy, Spain, Singapore , Kong Kong, Malaysia, India, America, Germany..etc.


    Joined in Taiwan Electrical And Electronic Manufacturers' Association (TEEMA),All our products were CE certified by MIKES (TUV product series), since then we started to manufacture product with Manufacturing/Automation equipment.。


    STON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. was first founded Taipei in 1993 in Wu Gu Industry District , Taipei, Taiwan. Main product was "timer" with Capital NT $ 5,000,000 dollars.


Quality Policy

To maintain consistency of quality and service, whole series of transformers were changed to sealed type since 2005, which not only extends the products' life but also improves insulation.

All of our products have been manufactured in Taiwan since the company was founded, so naturally our labels read "Made in Taiwan." Sadly, many businesses in our line of work deceive customers by using label " Taiwan." Therefore, STON decided to stay in Taiwan, setting up a second plant in San Chong, Taipei, which also ensures our products are good and customers can set up a long term relationship with us without worrying.

Business Management

Business Management

STON business goal is to reach that products have "Japanese quality, made in Taiwan, as cheap a price as in China".

For us, quality is the most important thing. We check every processing detail and quality control because we want to produce the product that has the greatest economical effect and highest quality for our customers.

Technology is the main core for STON because we have devoted ourselves in research and development to make innovative products for our customers. All of our employees have the same goal and work very hard to achieve it. We learn how to strengthen our competitive ability under stress, face challenges without hesitation. We make our greatest effort to fulfill the need of every customer and to maintain a good image of our company.

We always develop many new products, have discounts and new services. We hope to have your long term support and thank you very much.